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YouTube Video Of The Month:


Stephanie & Rich LaFleur; Temecula CA  •  YouTube Video Testimonial captured on 6/25/2016 at the “Newby Wedding” as reviewed below.  Stephanie and Rich are past customers who were part of the bridal party for the Newby wedding.  They caught up to me and offered to shoot a quick video testimonial.  Click the image of Stephanie & Rich below to view the video on YouTube.

Last Month’s Video

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youtube45bHow to hire a DJ   •  youtube45b “Airtight Alibi” (original song live with Terminal Romance) 
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Photo Courtesy of Hulse Photography
Photo Courtesy of Hulse Photography

Bio Synopsis   See Full Details Here: temeculasbestdj.com/bio ▼

•  Mobile D.J.  (25+ Years of Experience)  •  Pro Audio Music Producer  •  (Graduate) StageWest School of Audio  •  Engineering and Production  •  Pro Audio Recording Engineer  •  Pro Audio Mastering Specialist  •  AA Degree in “Business Administration” Golden West College; Huntington Beach, CA.  •  Composer  •  Wedding Guitarist/Vocalist  •  Pro-Audio Consultant  •  Performer Dennis J. (original album recordings)  •  Music Educator  •  Recording Artist  •  Session Musician (Guitar and Vocals)  •  Teacher’s Aid (Music Education)  •  Stage Manager/(live) Sound Engineer  •  Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Bassist/Percussionist  •  Computer Sequencer Programmer  •  Concert Promoter  •  Concert Stage Manager  •  Band Leader  •  Voice-Over Artist  •  Benefit Organizer  •  Military Midweek Weddings  •  Charitable Educational Pro Audio Services  •  (Member) BMI  •  (Member) AADJA  •  (Past Member) GMEA  •  (Past Member) ADJA  •  (Past Member) SCADJA  •  (Past Member) SDADJA  •  (Past Member) NAME  •  (Member) MP3.com  •  (Member) Trusonic  •
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Review of the month:
From: Justin Hulse of “Hulse Photography” in Temecula CA
(Image from Google)


Justin Hulse (“Hulse Photography” • http://www.temeculaphotographer.com/); Temecula CA  •••  I have worked with Dennis probably 50 times in the last 15 years and feel pretty qualified in saying that this dude is one of the best, well-rounded DJs I have ever worked with. Some DJs are awesome at mixing but blow it when they have to speak on the microphone; others have an outstanding voice/personality but can’t mix worth beans; and others come with really big speakers and elaborate computer equipment to compensate for inexperience. You’ll hear it from every wedding vendor you speak with… a DJ will either make or break your wedding. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve seen some AWESOME weddings fizzle out at the reception because the DJ blew it in one area or another. Not Dennis. He is consistent and professional every time we’ve worked together. His introductions are always exciting and personalized. He can read a room and play just the right song to get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor. He’s super professional when working with the bride and groom. He’s diplomatic when drunk people ask for something that wont work and he always arrives early. We enthusiastically recommend Dennis.


•••►If your decision to purchase DJ Services is based solely on price, you have the investment of your entire wedding or event to lose by not hiring a professional!†

(…if your guests don’t stay all night dancing, eating, drinking and enjoying the ambiance of your event facility because you hired a “bargain DJ” you just lost your entire investment!)

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Based in Temecula, California, Temecula’s Best DJ aka: “DJ-DJ” (Dennis John Barela) specializes in weddings (ceremony and reception), corporate and private event music services, “live” acoustic guitar for weddings (with or without vocals), event lighting and “uplighting.”  I am conveniently located in the Temecula Valley winery, estate, wedding and vineyard areas of Riverside County and provide service to all of Southern California including the Inland Empire, San Bernardino County, North County, San Diego County and Orange County.  Unlike many DJs who claim to be in Temecula, I live, work and am based in the city of Temecula, California.  With over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, I provide “Mobile DJ,” “Lighting,” “live acoustic guitar,” “studio recording and music editing services,” Emcee and master of ceremonies services,” and “sound reinforcement services.”  My experience surpasses the abilities of 99% of the DJs in the industry. 




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The “Dennis J. Theorem”:  ♯&♭≠♮  (…or do they?)


  Examples of special tracks and editing available:  
Wedding Recessional [rock edit sample] Classical track with Dennis J. Barela playing rock guitar tracks in the background
Frank^s Wedding Vows  Wedding vow edit sample
jasons_edit  A message from Jason to his wife on their wedding day

Phone Call To Tony  Phone call to the groom from his sister
Kim^s Tribute To Daddy   Kim wanted to remember her deceased father in this Mother/Daughter Dance
Amanda Hammers Time   Amanda wanted to emulate the popular YouTube video “Evolution of Music”

christines_edit   Example of custom editing available
At Last, Twist & Shout (Benson edit)  The bride didn’t want a traditional First Dance

kristinaz_fatherdaughter_[rm2]  A special Father/Daughter request 
quinteros_ceremony [m]  A recording of a live wedding ceremony at a local Temecula winery.
Wild Horses  A bride wanted to surprise her groom (a big Rolling Stones fan) with this special bridal march performed live by Dennis
Tyger & Matt Ceremony Tyger & Matt wanted a professional recording of their wedding ceremony from a local Temecula winery.
Galliher First Dance Mashup [rm] Lauren wanted to have some fun by mixing a traditional “first dance” with some fun.
Memorable Blue Suede Shoes A bride wanted to make her father happy with an Elvis-themed Father/Daughter mashup
Barber Family Congratulations  The Barbers send recorded audio from England that was set to some background music for added emotion.
Farrah’s Father/Daughter (mix)  Farrah’s Father/Daughter Dance “mashup” that she choreograph to and surprise her guests.
Ana Lopez 15 (mashup) [rm]  Ana wanted a Quinceanera mashup for her Father/Daughter dance that reflects her unique personality.
Kristyz Edit  
Kristy & David needed a custom edited medley for their first dance that led to the famous “lift” from the movie “Dirty Dancing”

selfie-1-08-2016-225pxCan your DJ do that?

Making “dreams come true” for over 25 years.




About:  No other DJ service on the west coast can offer a service that can match my vast knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art professional audio equipment and leading industry technology.  Temecula’s Best DJ aka: “A Perfect DJ,” “53XYDJ,” “R★CK DJ” and “DJ-DJ” has personally and literally performed thousands of successful events to his acclaim (not just employees or affiliates as other companies claim).


These qualifications, together with experience as a seasoned professional band leader, vocalist and musician (playing Hollywood nightclubs and touring the entire SouthWest United States by age 17), concert promoter, stage manager, instrumental and vocal music educator, composer, voice-over artist, recording engineer and producer attribute to deliver a service that is “second-to-none” within the industry.   No other DJ in the region can boast that they have shared both stage and studio with many top industry recording artists and Grammy Award winners.

With this kind of experience and technical know-how, you and your guests are assured a successful event with professional qualities only aspired by our competitors.  Find out why Temecula’s Best DJ has been the entertainment industry’s choice when requiring a DJ for their important events.


Weddings are an important, once-in-a-lifetime event of the highest celebration and no room for errors as there are no “do-overs.”  On this special day it is crucial that a wedding DJ provide ample entertainment to add to the experience, celebration and joy of the day.   I create the wedding moments that will last a lifetime.  Your wedding (and your investment in it) deserve professionalism, experience and respect.


Temecula’s Best DJ excels in both private and corporate parties as well.  I can help to make your special private or corporate event a success.  Let me help make your function less stressful, more productive and create memories that will last a lifetime.   Whatever your DJ needs, Temecula’s Best DJ can provide you with the music solutions and selections for any occasion or situation.  Temecula’s Best DJ is a mobile DJ service that can provide your wedding or event with reliable music services in a professional, efficient manner.




Temecula’s Best DJ is recommended by many of Temecula’s premier wineries, event planners, wedding coordinators, party rental suppliers and event locations.

Remember: If your decision to purchase DJ Services is based solely upon price, you have the investment of your entire wedding or event to lose by not hiring a professional!  A good DJ keeps your guests at your event all night long to maximize your overall investment.

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♦♦♦ Topic of the month ♦♦♦

“Hiring a DJ – A Step Backwards For Consumers”


Seriously? With everything available to be automated do you really want to hire a DJ who is a poser and does not deliver a customized performance that is continually enhanced?
Seriously? With everything available to be automated do you really want to hire a DJ who does not deliver a customized performance that is continually enhanced? How long did it take this poser to learn how to pretend to be actually pushing buttons?


The job of hiring the right DJ for your wedding or event is becoming an ever-more daunting task.

The DJ industry has no government oversight agency or licensing agency even though the Ameri-con DJ Association (name altered for legal reasons) has been spreading propaganda to “beginner DJs” to  tell customers that they are “licensed DJs.”  Guess what?  There is no such thing!  

To make matters worse, research has found that more than 50% of DJs are “part-time” DJs.  If you are planning a party this is really not an issue.  However, if you are planning a wedding it is a tremendous issue since there is a great deal of planning and preparation that goes into planning the music services for a wedding.  To complicate issues, wedding are also notorious for having many last-minute changes that need to be addressed and if your DJ’s time is not 100% committed to the DJ business, it can spell big trouble for your day.

Another very sad fact in the industry is that many event facilities pay their staff very small wages.  What does this mean for you?  Since many couples start planning their weddings a year or more in advance it means that you have to worry about the large amount of employee turnover in the industry.  You may have gotten along great with the staff wedding coordinator only to find that she/he has moved on and you learn only weeks before your wedding that you are dealing with a completely new coordinator, staff and with a whole new set of experience(s), ways of conducting business, changes in protocols and varying business practices.   A very unfortunate set of circumstances for couples and their families.

This constant turnover of staff brings with it a large amount of unknown factors such as  coordinators who are not familiar with local vendors and which ones are good, bad, discount, favorable and those to avoid.  Many times the coordinators will then engage in nepotism and favoritism and refer you to vendors who may very well be outside of the area of your wedding.  When factoring in weather, road construction, traffic, other local events, etc. this means that your vendors being late can severely impact the success of your day.  

Just because the coordinator wants you to hire their nephew (a beginner DJ) it could spell disaster for what is a very demanding type of DJ event.  If the coordinator refers you to their friend from the next county to be your florist they could be delayed by traffic, road construction (let’s face it: here locally, no one ever knows what CalTrans in their infinite wisdom will do from one day to the next at the 91 & 15 freeways interchange) local events causing detours and adding extra time to an already difficult commute.

Any additions in time of arrival mean that your vendors will then have to rush and perform sub-par work in preparing for your day.  Again, just another group of factors that could cause delays in your special day or at most spell disaster for your wedding.  Remember that the strategy behind hiring qualified, experienced vendors is that with all of the chaos that occurs behind the scenes of a wedding, organized and prepared vendors will “maximize” your wedding time meaning that:

  1. Your wedding will start on time
  2. All of the formalities will be delivered in a professional manner and in an efficient amount of time
  3. Guests will not be bored
  4. Guests will not feel rushed
  5. Guests feel comfortable (physically and mentally)
  6. Your “party time” at the end of the night is maximized
  7. More guests will spend the entire day with you because they feel comfortable  

Perhaps the saddest fact of the industry is that many coordinators and staff members accept bribes and/or receive referral fees for recommending the services of many vendors.  This practice is extremely common right here in this local region even with many of the larger venues who cannot “police” the practices.  This usually has nothing to do with the experience, professionalism or ethics of any of these vendors.  It is also a huge injustice to the bride, groom and their families.  Too many people in the industry are just flat-out greedy given the large amounts of money spent on weddings and unscrupulous people want to take advantage of this at YOUR expense.

To make matters worse, if you try to do research on vendors online it is very questionable.  Scores of researchers including the Harvard School of Business have said that as many as 30% of online reviews are fake!  Sites like Yelp have review writers on staff that “prop-up” vendors who pay them for advertising.  Yelp even has what they call “Elite Reviewers” who are showered with gifts, parties, vacations, incentives and comps for prolifically writing reviews even to businesses all over the globe that they have never dealt with.  Even worse: many of the websites that contain reviews sell advertising to their sites and give preferential treatment to their advertisers over everyone else.  Again, another huge injustice to the families spending hard-earned dollars and looking for the best value for their dollars.

One of the saddest new trends to the wedding industry is that Craigslist has a service called “Thumbtack” that is notorious for cheap, beginner, amateur DJs.  Yes, they do charge DJs for leads.  Yes, they have ridiculously low pricing options given to the consumer.  As for DJs, many times they will ask if your budget is as low as $200!  What kind of DJ do you think that you will get for a wedding for $200, $300, even $500 for a wedding?  Current pro audio equipment costs money, backup equipment costs money, liability insurance costs money, purchasing music costs money, etc.  

Ask the “cheap DJ” how many music tracks they have in their library.  Many will tout $50,00, 100,000, etc.  Think about it: if an average cost of a track these days is about 99¢, how can this DJ afford equipment, insurance, transportation and $50,000 worth of music?  …and then do jobs at $500 a pop?

So what do you do?

  1. Research (explore vendors websites and other websites that contain info about them)
  2. Meet with prospective vendors “in-person”
  3. Ask for references
  4. Ask to see “real” hand-written and/or emailed reviews and testimonials
  5. Trust your instincts when you meet with vendors (Remember that California has a 72 hour “right of rescission” for contracts)
  6. Do not be pressured into signing a contract immediately upon meeting with vendors
  7. Make sure that the vendor is properly educated in their field
  8. Make sure that the vendor is bonded and/or licensed and/or insured in their field (if this pertains to their industry)
  9. Check to see that their transportation is reliable and in good operating condition
  10. Examine pictures and/or videos of past events
  11. For DJs: listen to them speak and watch how they conduct themselves and ask yourself if the degree of their professionalism will represent you accordingly
  12. Ask about additional charges (avoid any vendor who uses “bait-and switch” sales tactics)
  13. Ask who the actual person(s) is who will be at your event (large companies may send subcontractors, apprentices or beginners)
  14. View their documentation and examine it for thoroughness, professionalism and organization
  15. (View even more to research on my FAQ page at: http://temeculasbestdj.com/faq)

Remember that you will never get a second chance at a successful wedding.  If just one or two guests leave early because they cannot relate to what your DJ is doing, it negates any justification for hiring a “discount DJ.”  Additionally, you will never be able to recreate the day, the unique grouping of your guests, the pictures that could have been captured and the great fun that “could have been,” had all of your guests stayed all night long and the dance floor was filled all night long resulting in a fully successful wedding.

All the best!


Picture of the month:

Even with the extreme heat, everyone had a great time at the Szymanski wedding yesterday. Kristy and David really shook-up the crowd and made a gutsy move to perform the “lift scene” from the movie Dirty Dancing during their first dance (to a song medley custom edited by yours truly) despite never practicing while the bride was in her wedding gown.  (listen to the custom-edited song above entitles “Kristyz Edit.”

The photographers shot some great additional shots that I hope to post soon that captured the move just as “framed” in the movie. They are remarkably similar.

I also have some video and hope to have it posted to YouTube soon.  Thanks Kristy and David!


Last Month’s Picture…dennis-ceremony-guitar

Here I am preparing to play wedding ceremony music at a local Temecula winery.
Thanks to Kathy & Scott for letting me perform the coolest bridal march in years:
“Everlong” (acoustic version) by Foo Fighters.



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youtube45bHow to hire a DJ   •  youtube45b “Airtight Alibi” (original song live with Terminal Romance) 
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