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SoCal’s and Temecula’s Most Experienced DJ

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Who would have known that a woman that I went to elementary school with would live just 2 miles away from me and become a customer?
Who would have known that a woman that I went to elementary school with would live just 2 miles away from me and become a customer?



•► A very special thanks goes out to photographers Justin & Julie Hulse of Hulse Photography for their mutual respect, friendship and admiration for the passion that they commit to their profession.  The use of many of the pictures used upon this website have been generously granted by Hulse Photography http://www.temeculaphotographer.com/#.


Cali's friend Oscar Mayer at his Bark-Mitzvah
Cali’s friend Oscar Mayer at his Bark-Mitzvah

Temecula’s Most Experienced DJ
SoCal’s Most Experienced DJ

951.491.8800   email: dennis@temeculasbestdj.com

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