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Email: dennis@temeculasbestdj.com

Email: dennis@temeculasbestdj.com

As part of your DJ services you can also get professional acoustic guitar performances performed live by Dennis J. Barela (with or without vocals).  Dennis is a veteran singer, songwriter, guitarist, recording engineer and producer with decades of live and studio experience who has shared stage and studio with numerous elite recording industry professionals and Grammy Award winning artists.  Why hire amateur musicians for your important event when you can have a live professional?

Please note that seating and arrival music will consist of pre-recorded music of your choice played through a professional sound system then followed by the tracks that you request. This package requires the purchase of “ceremony music and additional sound system.”  dennis-ceremony-guitar

 The songs that you request can be used for: 
   • General Seating
   • Parent’s Seating
   • Bridal Party March
   • Bridal March
   • Recessional
   • Cocktail Hour
    …and more.

I encourage customers to be unique with their wedding.  I have performed:

denny-chillin   • Edgy, scathing electric guitars dubbed over classical music for recessionals 
   • Popular Love Songs 
   • Classic Songs like “Wonderful Tonight,”  “Tiny Dancer,” “The Long & Winding Road,” “Desperado,” “Dance With My Father,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love'” etc.
• Country songs like “To Make You Feel My Love,” “Butterfly Kisses,” “Just Got Started Lovin’ You,”  and “Making Memories of Us,” etc.

    • Newer artists like John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, John Legend, Little Big Town, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Coldplay, etc.
   • Updated songs from childhood like a rockin’ version of “Pure Imagination” (from Willy Wonka), “Nellie the Elephant,” “I Won’t Grow Up,” “I’m a Believer,” etc.
   • Pre-recorded wedding vows over entrances, first dances, activities, etc. 
   • Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra or other recording artist tributes and the end of ceremonies.
   • Songs that you consider to be your “special song” or “songs with special meanings”

daw   • I am even able to change or elaborate upon the lyrics to better reflect you personal relationship and/or experiences whether it is just some name changes or even changing the story lines (heartfelt and/or humorous).  

Don’t allow your special day to be a carbon copy of your friends’ weddings.  Be unique.  Think “outside the box.”  Let Temecula’s Best DJ help turn your wedding day into magic! 

Here are some example (original) tracks written, performed and produced by Dennis J. Barela:

Cross My Heart
  Cross My Heart [rm]

Vicariously Yours ♥∆  Vicariously Yours
Let Me In ♥  Let Me In
Closer To The Bullet (live at The Whisky) ♥  Closer To The Bullet (live at The Whisky)

youtube45b“Airtight Alibi” (original song performed live with Terminal Romance)


                                   Additional tracks can be found here: http://www.temeculasbestdj.com/bio/#1


Special Studio Work Available

A bride wanted to surprise her groom (a big Rolling Stones fan) with this special bridal march performed live.  Wild Horses
Classical wedding  recessional music with custom electric guitar accompaniment added.  Wedding Recessional [rock edit sample]

Recording and Editing of Music, Vows and Introductions into original mash-ups:back-in-studio-3



  Examples of special tracks and editing available:  
Wedding Recessional [rock edit sample] Classical track with Dennis J. Barela playing rock guitar tracks in the background
Frank^s Wedding Vows  Wedding vow edit sampleCubase_6.5_collage
jasons_edit  A message from Jason to his wife on their wedding day

Phone Call To Tony  Phone call to the groom from his sister
Kim^s Tribute To Daddy   Kim wanted to remember her deceased father in this Mother/Daughter Dance
Amanda Hammers Time   Amanda wanted to emulate the popular YouTube video “Evolution of Music”

christines_edit   Example of custom editing available
At Last, Twist & Shout (Benson edit)  The bride didn’t want a traditional First Dance

kristinaz_fatherdaughter_[rm2]  A special Father/Daughter request 
quinteros_ceremony [m]  A recording of a live wedding ceremony at a local Temecula winery.
Wild Horses  A bride wanted to surprise her groom (a big Rolling Stones fan) with this special bridal march performed live by DennisPro_tools_lo
Tyger & Matt Ceremony Tyger & Matt wanted a professional recording of their wedding ceremony from a local Temecula winery.
Galliher First Dance Mashup [rm] Lauren wanted to have some fun by mixing a traditional “first dance” with some fun.
Memorable Blue Suede Shoes A bride wanted to make her father happy with an Elvis-themed Father/Daughter mashup
Barber Family Congratulations  The Barbers send recorded audio from England that was set to some background music for added emotion.
Farrah’s Father/Daughter (mix)  Farrah’s Father/Daughter Dance “mashup” that she choreograph to and surprise her guests.
Ana Lopez 15 (mashup) [rm]  Ana wanted a Quinceanera mashup for her Father/Daughter dance that reflects her unique personality.

Can your DJ do that?selfie-1-05-2016x

Making “dreams come true” for over 25 years.





• • •

 If you doubt the powers of music I welcome you to watch the last 5 minutes of your favorite “Romance Movie” with the sound OFF.  Then you’ll understand the importance, power and impact of music performed, planned, presented and timed to perfection.

The price of this optional additional service is $350 (or $100 per song,

Photo Courtesy of Hulse Photography
Photo Courtesy of Hulse Photography

whichever is less) in addition to any other DJ services you request.  You may choose up to 5 “specific” song tracks to be played and additional tracks will be performed (at your guidance and at my discretion) that match the genre and feel of the music tracks you have selected and the criteria you indicate within the planning documentation.  (Maximum performance time: 2 hours)  You may also choose to include additional tracks or music support using pre-recorded media as well at no additional charge (example: per-recorded ceremony seating music or end of cocktail hour completed by means of digital tracks through a professional sound system)  (Remember: some songs will NOT translate well to acoustic guitar performances.  Examples: Star Spangled Banner, Baby Got Back, Rapper’s Delight, Y.M.C.A., Flight of The Bumblebee, etc.)     

Special studio mixes, additional instruments, backing vocals and special “recording studio magic” available at additional cost (please contact me for more information).

► NOTE: If you are considering live musicians for your wedding please note that many groups, acts or musicians usually will send you a “demo” which consists of  one of their best performances ever recorded or may be a studio recording that does not represent the dennisandtaylor414actual services that you will likely receive.  I am able to take your request and create a live video of the desired track and send it to you for your evaluation.  (I can even perform a piece of the track for you live upon Skype)  This is a service that very few musicians offer and many do not have the technology to create custom videos and recordings.  I am confident in my “acoustic guitar and vocal services” and stand behind my work with experience and professionalism unmatched by others.

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