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Temecula’s Best DJ has now resumed offering LED “uplighting” services for all events.

Years back, I had stopped this service because of heat, safety and power consumption issues.  However, in the advent of LED technology I am once again offering these services.uplighting_1

The use of uplighting is common for stage, studio, television, weddings, parties and conventions.  Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, it creates a wonderful lighting environment for your photography and compliments the color theme(s) of your event for an elegant, professional presentation.

If you would like information about these additional services please feel free to call or email me for additional information.


Modern “LED Uplighting” rental is available as follows:

  “Par 64” LED Lighting.  (Low power use, no heat, small size, no power outages)  (These lights are “par 64” and should not be confused with inferior par 16, 24, 36 or 48)


900 Lumens each (Rating for “white” light.  Other colors are slightly less output)

Power consumption: 17 watts each.  It would take 75 of these uplights to consume the equivalent of the power used by an average consumer hair dryer.   


Quantities and costs for rental of uplighting (available in any color(s) that you wish):



2        Par 64 Professional LED Lights   $100   

4        Par 64 Professional LED Lights   $150    

6        Par 64 Professional LED Lights   $200     

8        Par 64 Professional LED Lights   $250      

12      Par 64 Professional LED Lights   $300


uplighting 1 uplighting 2 uplighting 3 uplighting-d
uplighting-5 uplighting-6 uplighting-7 uplighting-8



Includes: Delivery, setup, cabling, programming, gaffer tape, pickup and return (No late fees!)     

            Tripod Stands: (Call for pricing).  (If elevated/overhead “downlighting” is preferred)   (maximum of 6 lights per tri-pod stand)


The differences compared to other companies are:


LED Technology (NOT old style hot, large, energy consuming, electrical-circuit-breaking par cans so there is no fear of tripped electrical circuits, burns to skin and/or power outages. No expense of colored “gels”)

Extension Cords (Most companies do not quote this extra charge.  This is a significant issue since most venues require several extension cords of varying lengths.)

Power Cords (Most companies do not quote this extra charge)

Safety Cables (Most companies do not quote this extra charge) (necessary under OSHA, county and local Fire Authority regulations for downlighting)cake-uplighting

Gaffer Tape (Used to tape down cords that may be in walking-traffic zones.  Professional gaffer tape does NOT leave residue like duct tape) (most companies do not quote this extra charge)  

Programming of each unit (Most companies do not quote this extra charge)

Delivery, Setup, Teardown and Return (Most companies do not quote this extra charge: No late fees)

On-Site Monitoring:  More often than not, it is extremely common for the uplights to get moved, unplugged or out of adjustment as a result of guests, curious children, vendors and power supply changes/demands/outages.  With many companies, once the lights are setup, the representatives leave the scene and you are at the mercy of chance.  Most often, lighting can then easily be changed from “optimal” to “out of adjustment.” or even shut off completely.  Since you will be receiving DJ services, your DJ is on-site all throughout your event to re-adjust, troubleshoot and assure you that your uplighting services are optimized all day and night long.

Also view “Google Images” at: Google Images – Uplighting



Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting


Bring more atmosphere to your event by adding “intelligent dance floor lighting” to your services!

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dance floor 1

Chauvet Swarm-5-FX dance floor 3 dance floor 6 dance floor 5 dance floor 4 dance floor 7 dance floor 8

Lasers, strobes, moving lights, gobos, wash lights all moving to the beat of the music turns your event into a world class “concert,” “disco” or “club” atmosphere.  This lighting is both computer controlled and DJ activated (not just placed on “auto-play”).  A “light show” is a great way to create an “over-the-top” party environment.  

An additional charge of $150 applies for this service.


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